Christen is a recovering Project Manager and Agile Purist. With decades of practical experience coaching, leading agile transformations and consulting Fortune 100 companies, she took the leap to start her own business. She is dedicated to serving the agile coaching community by promoting Leadership, Love and Belonging!

With her quick wit and loving irreverence, Christen is known for her raw and humorous discussions with people struggling to be brave and successful in today’s sometimes callous, alienating workplaces. People appreciate her thoughtful, direct and grounding guidance that almost always ends with a mutual laugh and an f’bomb for good measure.

Christen lives in Denver, Colorado with her rescued Great Pyrenees, Madeline. You’ll likely find the two of them camping, finding new places for inspiration, and visiting with friends year round.

News: Ripley (named after Ellen Ripley from Aliens!) passed away in January 2021. We volunteered as a Pet Therapy Team and I will try to continue supporting them into the future in different ways now that Ripley is gone.

Request a free 20 minute introduction call so we can determine if we are a good team to work together.

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