Taking a class, going to a conference or reading great books can be helpful but, let’s be honest. After a few days, the excitement wears off… you fall back into your old ways. It’s hard to do it alone and you struggle to work through the real stuff that training doesn’t really address. Working with a coach takes over where conferences, training and books leave off by keeping you motivated, accountable and focused on your own unique situations.

So, why not have your own coach? If you’re a lifelong learner, then you’ll appreciate having time carved out of your schedule to work on what’s going on with you right now.

The Coach’s Coach

As a long time coach in the agile industry myself, I know the crap you have to deal with as a consultant and coach. Sometimes you get lucky, work comes easily and your customers are great! But, it’s not always that easy. Sometimes you hit the snooze so many times wishing you didn’t have to work today. I know that feeling! It sucks!

In the first session, we will determine how we want to craft future sessions by reviewing the following stages to building your own personal leadership roadmap and professional goal:

  • Discovery and clear definition of your goals and aspirations
  • Working agreements to guide us as we work together
  • Development of a career roadmap
  • Growth Roadmaps and energizing action plans to ensure your progress towards your goals as they grow and evolve
  • Optional recommendations for reading materials and assessments to enhance our time together
  • Expert guidance on specific life and work events as they arise

Who should start: You are committed to your goals and just need some accountability to keep moving forward and occasionally call you on your bullshit. You are also someone that appreciates sarcasm, colorful language and being real. If you steer away from movies with foul language, we’re probably not a good match.

What to Expect: We are going to meet a couple times a month to really dig in about what’s going on right now. Bringing the problems in YOUR world to each call helps you tackle them immediately. We’ll build a roadmap and set goals together so we can work on developing your own personal leadership style that feels natural and really brings out the real you.

How to get started: Not everyone clicks to make a great team. Let’s get to know each other first and determine if we are a good team to work together.

Ready to start investing in your own professional development?

3 Month Package$425 USD per monthSave $75 when paid in full
$1,200 USD
6 Month Package$400 USD per monthSave $200 when paid in full
$2,200 USD

Each package includes:

  • Two 45 minute calls per month or one 90 minute call per month (preferred video conference)
  • Unlimited email communication between sessions
  • Short unscheduled calls less than 10 minutes each
  • Unlimited text messages
  • Option to continue monthly for $375 at the end of the initial package

The packages above are exclusively for “single coach” engagements. Check the Services below for groups.

Consultation & Advisory Services

It is HeyMac Consulting® ‘s goal to partner with you to provide coaching and recommendations to your team members. Our goal is to enable you to continue down the path toward successfully delivering Agile programs as a standard practice. 

We will proactively assess and identify opportunities for improvements that align to the goals and roadmap of the delivery group in question, and ultimately what aligns with the business objectives. This program will help you scale agile practices and provide the foundation for continuous improvement while constraining the costs and leveraging economies of scale.

We started working with Christen late in 2019 because we needed a coach that was proficient enough in Scaled Agile that we could dive deeper into issues that many of our clients were experiencing. We heard Christen on an Agile podcast and she described herself as a “coach’s coach and certified SAFe instructor” – a perfect fit for what we needed.

Centil LLC

Solopreneur and Entrepreneur Consulting

Starting your own business or need help in refocusing on your company values and strategic planning?

HeyMac Consulting® now offers a new 3 part workshop series to help you get that kick in the ass you need to get moving on your business!

Want to get a sneak peek? Schedule a preview!

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