Whether you’re part of a leadership team or running your own business, having an advisor and coach can be a tremendous help. So what’s stopping you?

During my career, I’ve hired coaches to help me in my own career growth and to advise me in areas I did not have the expertise. It was so beneficial to have someone on my side, supporting me, guiding me and telling me what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. It was easy to trust them because I knew they had my best interest in mind.

As an advisor to your leadership team, I can guide you in identifying your values, reenergize your team around leading people and help your team prioritize action plans to reach their goals and aspirations.

As part of the action plans, we may need to support other people managers and teams with additional coaching and training. Some examples of those sessions are:

Leading Great Teams

To be part of a high-performing team is one of the great—and all-too-rare—joys of a career. Yet the agile movement has the audacity to suggest that, given the right environment and leadership, all teams can be high-performing. Learn how to lead teams from forming to performing and build a work environment where every person has the experience of being part of a high-performing team. This course is for all leaders, including directors, project managers, program managers, human resource managers and functional managers in development, quality assurance, operations, user experience and all fields that use agile methods.

Learning Objectives

Agile Leaders are able to:

  • Coach and model agile principles and values
  • Implement and support Lean and agile practices and techniques
  • Motivate people to structure and sustain an agile transformation
  • Leverage the power of teams for competitive advantage
  • Build and sustain engaged, self-organizing teams
  • Coach and facilitate through conflict and dysfunction to foster collaboration
  • Interpret the role of manager as servant leader

Build Your Action Plan

In this two-day training course, you’ll learn how agile systems are designed around small, empowered teams and how you can build those teams to be truly engaged, self-organizing and successful. Engaging and motivating teams are not just the right thing to do but the smart thing to do.

Learn how agile principles and practices can create an adaptive work culture that values collaboration, learning and iterative and incremental results. These values foster a great business environment and lead to great business results. Learn leadership skills that you can use to develop a work culture that resonates with your company culture.

To adopt agile methods is to change how work is planned, delivered and measured. These changes often challenge long-held beliefs and practices around how to lead knowledge workers, teams and projects. Aided by classmates and guided by the instructor, you will create your own personal action plan. This course will help prepare you to lead your people and your organization through an agile transformation.

Great leaders and managers make all the difference as they help start, sustain or revitalize an agile transformation. This course prepares you to lead that journey.

Ready to start?

Leading Great Teams2 day class$499 USDCheck the Schedule of Events to register!
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Leading Great Teams
1 day class
Held at your office for up to 25 people
$8,500 USDSet up an intro call to get scheduled.

Agile Team Tuneups

The ideal team for a Tune Up is one that has been operating together as a team for more than 4 sprints (or 8 weeks for other teams like Kanban). The objective of tune ups is to determine the opportunities for team growth based on observations and interviews. Our coaches may observe team ceremonies, interview individual team members, and retrospect with the team to make recommendations limited to the team level practices.  

Team TuneUp
1/2 day to Full Day
Held at your office for up to 25 people
$2,500 to $4,500 USDSet up an intro call to get scheduled.