Coaching the RTE

Christen is launching a “Coaching the SAFe RTE” series with Tonia Trivett from Agile Phoenix Enterprises!

We developed this 3 month series to serve the needs of the RTE and help you confidently lead your Agile Release Train through your PI. After this series you will applied each technique in your office to see real results and increase you value in the rest of the organization.

The Founder and President of HeyMac Consulting®, Christen “Mac” McLemore has decades of practical experience coaching, leading agile transformations and consulting Fortune 100 companies. She is the Coach’s Coach!

Christen has been steering her career between transformational consulting, agile coaching and striving to be an extreme leader since early 2002. With influences from Steve Farber, Brene Brown and Agile, she has built a leadership consulting business helping people find their own personal leadership style that produces amazing results for their lives, their work and their company. And, yes, there’s a bit of loving irreverence too!

WARNING: Explicit Language, Irreverence and Love Resides here!

Christen McLemore, Founder and President @ HeyMac Consulting, LLC

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