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With over 10 years of transformational experience, HeyMac Consulting® offers both formal and informal talks related to Business Agility, Agile and Leadership.  Some of the previously delivered talks include:

  • AOL’s Transformation Journey (PMI)
  • Difference between Kanban and Scrum (Meetups and Clients)
  • Leadership Roundtable (Clients)
  • The Passion Test (Clients)
  • Why we deserve Love in the Workplace (Meetups)
  • Building a Leadership Backlog (Meetups and Clients)
  • Leadership, Love and Belonging (Conference Keynote Speaker)


People can be leaders but what does a “successful” leader look like, sound like and how do they behave? With or without a title, you have the opportunity to be a leader and we MUST consider how to model behavior for others, run the business and lead people. If any of those areas are neglected, there are consequences. Well, you might suck at being a manager leader! Let’s get real and talk about what’s missing in leadership!


With experience teaching, influencing and coaching leaders and coaches in Fortune 100 companies since 1999, Christen has great stories of glorious failures and, thank god, quite a few success stories too!

Whether you need an Executive Overview or a session on how to lead an agile transformation, Christen will work with you to create a inspiring yet realistic perspective on Business Agility.


There is still debate about Culture being a leading or lagging indicator. First of all, they are both right; it’s both! Let’s talk about how your leadership is critical to creating the culture you desire to create and sustain.

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