Holy Crap I just stole a car

Yes, It's true. I stole a car today. Sadly, no one even noticed it was gone and I returned it to get a second car.  Now what in the world would a person like me do with a stolen car, you ask? Well, sit back and follow this story that is NOT a tall tale... Continue Reading →

Seeking Your Own Personal Tipping Point

I've been a seeker for most of my life now and I find wonderful things in many different places.  One of them is from The Daily Love; a daily blog by Mastin Kipp.  As part  of his blog, he provides quotes pertaining to his blog.  I find that these quotes are meaningful to me in... Continue Reading →

Kiss Me I’m Irish’ish

For years, I've believed that I was Irish; mostly Irish, at least, with a little Scotch and English I was sure. But after using a DNA kit from a Groupon, I found out I'm actually Belgian, among many other European flavors. So despite this scientific evidence, my trip to Ireland is still on and I'm... Continue Reading →

Memorials and Survivors

Walking through the 9/11 memorial, I find myself thinking about what I imagine most of the people here are thinking; recalling what I was doing that morning of September 11, 2001. I was in a training class in Reston, Virginia doing my best to stay awake during one of my many computer courses for work.... Continue Reading →

Is AOL going to come back or fade in the background?

I have the luxury of working at a company that is both youthful and experienced (proven by our AIM AV testing in the photo above). We represent the top talent, creative thinkers, early adopters and sometimes trend followers. In very interrelated ways, my fellow AOLers brought the strange, complicated and even unattainable internet into the... Continue Reading →

Do your eyes light up?

When you enter a room, notice how the people invite you. Do they smile and make eye contact? Do they avoid your glance? Remember the first time you entered your first freshman classroom. You may not have been able to make eye contact with anyone in the room or maybe you scanned the room for... Continue Reading →

Are you living up to your child’s potential?

We do not know which child will become the next great leader, the next great astronomer, the next great parent or even the next great poet.  But imagine if you did know.  Would that change how you treat that child? Would it change the way you spend time with that child or even who they... Continue Reading →

Where am I? What time is it?

Ever wonder what time it is in Hawaii or Bali?  You can search online or do the math in your head but a friend referred me to a Firefox add-in that puts it right on your browser so you always have them right at your finger tips.  Check out FoxClocks and add your favorite vacation... Continue Reading →

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