If Scrum isn’t working could we try Kanban?

If your team is currently struggling in their Scrum practice, you may be ready to give up or try something else.  Kanban is becoming quite popular and I'm recently a Kanban convert so I can understand the allure especially having seen it work so fantastically for teams.  However, as a coach, it's my responsibility to... Continue Reading →

Kanban Q & A with VersionOne references

With so many teams attempting to try out Kanban for the first time, I receive tons of questions.Here are a few of the questions I've received and the answers I gave at the time.  Keep in mind that as my knowledge of Kanban grows and changes, so do my answers so keep in mind these... Continue Reading →

Kanban as an alternative to Scrum

Here's a list of sites that are good resources for Kanban instruction and introductories: Thoughts on Kanban in an Ops environment by Kevin Lawver Debate over Scrum and Kanban (link to Agile Juournal)

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