Surf the web and control your music without leaving your browser

As if Firefox couldn’t get any cooler, there is another add-on for your browser called FoxyTunes.  No switching from app to browser and browser to app when you want to change the “channel” because with this simple toolbar at the bottom of your browser you can control your iTunes, WinAmp, or even Windows Media Player.  Customize which controls you want to see; Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Volume and more.  Maybe even display the Artist and Song that is currently playing…  which is pretty handy when you haven’t heard the song before or you just bought a new song.  

If you’re a networking fanatic then you’ll probably love the additional features like TwittyTunes to tweet the song you’re currently listening to through Twitter, Facebook or even Y! Status or Signatunes to sign your email signatures, blog or forum posts with the song you’re listening to when you wrote the message.  But, do you really want everyone to know you listen to the Bee Gees ALL the time?!

Yahoo! has been updating this little gem since 2004 but the traction really didn’t pick up until 2009 when YouTube was added as a supported web player.   There are about five different languages and nine different media players supported at this time. Now if I could just get it to work for Pandora.

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