Julie & Julia meet Scrum

I sit at my desk for almost the last time today.  I’ve been in this seat for about ten years. During those ten years, there were times it was so uncomfortable that I’d rather be tearing out my toenails one at a time than sit there one more day and there were times when I woke up early just to get back in this seat because I really enjoyed what I did.  I guess that’s how work goes; when you have a bad one you suffer and moan and maybe get up the courage to get a new one and when you find a great one, you don’t want to leave, you don’t want to move and you certainly don’t want to make too much noise about how much you love it or someone might take it away or give you too much of it and then you’re back to moaning about it again.   But I love my job, right now, I still  love my job! And I’m leaving it.
I love my job so much I want more of it so I’m taking a chance, a risk, a leap to go somewhere that wants me for what I’ve already done and what I can do for them.  Pretty friggin’ cool, right?!  Well, I’m nervous.  I’ve been blessed with a great team and a great manager (yeah, really, it does exist!) that even when they doubted me, they trusted me to push them to the next level and give Scrum a shot. So I’m nervous because I know that I’ve been living the dream and I’m voluntarily choosing to leave it and see if it can replicate itself for me somewhere else.  Am I smokin’ the good stuff or what?
So this is going to be my Julie & Julia meet Scrum blog about how it goes.  My plan is to commit to at least six months of blogging about what happens, removing real names to protect the guilty and maybe even exaggerating a little bit for effect because, let’s face it – that makes a better story!
Ok Blog readers, keep you fingers crossed, and help me out along the way with comments.  As Julie said “Is there anyone reading this stuff?”

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