Scrum 1:1:3 (Month One:Week One:Day Three)

Long day yesterday so I’m late with my blog so I’m catching up while I ride the train to our other office.  I observed Sprint Planning for each of the first two teams.  This is their fourth sprint so they are working quite well together.  There is open dialogue about stories and their purpose, detailed tasking of the work to complete each story and consensus about how detailed they should be on day one of the sprint.  Occasionally, the conversation would dive a little deep into solving but their Scrum Master was able to redirect them as needed.  Many of the team members are fairly new to the company and new to Scrum so the relationships and communication styles are still in their infancy.  Even still, they have a very respectful and open tone across the team.  That also describes my relationship with their Scrum Master.  We’re spending a few hours a day sharing insights on the team’s maturity as well as his own delivery style to uncover any opportunities for improvement.  It will be a welcome exchange once my team begins and he observes my style firsthand.

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