What does an Agile Team look like?

Thanks to some friends and colleagues at Rally for sharing this from Liz Keogh’s work.This is a great tool to use when trying to assess where a team is in their agile adoption.  It be used as a guide for periodic retrospectives and even goal setting for teams looking to move to the next level as they grow as a team.

  • We have a board
  • We put our stories on the board
  • Every two weeks, we get together and celebrate what we’ve done
  • Sometimes we talk to the stakeholders about it
  • We think we might miss our deadline and have told our PM
  • Agile is really hard to do well


  • We are trying to deliver working software
  • We hold retrospectives to talk about what made us unhappy
  • When something doesn’t work, we ask our coach what to do about it
  • Our coach gives us good ideas
  • We have delegated someone to deal with our offshore communications
  • We have a great BA who talks to the stakeholders a lot
  • We know we’re going to miss our deadline; our PM is on it
  • Agile requires a great deal of discipline


  • We know that our software will work in production
  • Every two weeks, we show our working software to the stakeholders
  • We talk to the stakeholders about the next set of stories they wants us to do
  • We have established a realistic deadline and are happy that we’ll make it
  • We have some good ideas of our own
  • We deal with blockers promptly
  • We write unit tests
  • We write acceptance tests
  • We hold retrospectives to work out what stopped us delivering software
  • We always know what ‘done’ looks like before we start work
  • We love our offshore team members; we know who they are and what they look like and talk to them every day
  • Our stakeholders are really interested in the work we’re doing
  • We always have tests before we start work, even if they’re manual
  • We’ve captured knowledge about how to deploy our code to production
  • Agile is a lot of fun 
  • Knowledgeable
  • We are going to come well within our deadline
  • Sometimes we invite our CEO to our show-and-tell, so he can see what Agile looks like done well
  • People applaud at the end of the show-and-tell; everyone is very happy
  • That screen shows the offshore team working; we can talk to them any time; they can see us too
  • We hold retrospectives to celebrate what we learnt
  • We challenge our coach and change our practices to help us deliver better
  • We run the tests before we start work – even the manual tests, to see what’s broken and know what will be different when we’re done
  • Agile is applicable to more than just software delivery 


  • We go to conferences and talk about our fantastic Agile experiences
  • We are helping other teams go Agile
  • Business outside of IT are really interested in what we’re doing
  • We regularly revisit our practices, and look at other teams to see what they’re doing
  • The company is innovative and fun
  • The company are happy to try things out and get quick feedback
  • We never have to work late or weekends
  • We deploy to production every two weeks
  • Agile is really easy when you do it well!

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