Trade Your Wasted Efforts for Tactical Plans

Frequently I have blogs, articles or emails sitting in my box for weeks before I have time to read them but when I do, it was at the right time for me to read them.  One of those articles surfaced in my mailbox today and it was yet again, perfect timing.  The article was from Martin Yate where he explains “How to ace the world’s toughest interview question” and while it would seem perfect for someone looking for a job, I read it with a different lens.  I was looking at it from an angle of focusing on what I want to do and making sure that everything I spend time on is directly related to doing it.

Your job exists to help your employer achieve and maintain profitability. How do your efforts support these goals?”

This is the first sentence Martin writes that caught my attention because I’ve been doing Product Planning and Roadmapping with a few different teams over the past few months and this is how I think of the relationship of stories/requirements to the Projects we plan and the Projects we plan to the Goals for the year.  I ask each Product Owner to understand their stakeholders and managers goals for the year and turn them into actionable goals of their own.

You need to think through whether your job is chiefly concerned with generating revenue, protecting assets, improving productivity in some way, or is perhaps a combination of these imperatives. Once you have determined this you have also outlined the correct framework for your answer.”

Too many times, I see work on a backlog or even on the story board already in progress that cannot be clearly mapped to the goals we agreed upon.  Taking this approach to building your Product Roadmap and settling on a plan can help you eliminate wasteful time spent on things that are not going to get you any closer to claiming successful completion of your goals and hence, your leadership’s goals.

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