Stop Starting another show on Netflix and Start Finishing… ooh another Netflix original!

It’s very easy to let another week pass and not getting stuff done. Work and life will always create more work, more tasks on your list, more lists of lists and you’ll find yourself buried in it all.

In the Agile community, we talk about prioritization a lot. Seriously. A LOT. Without priorities, everything is important and everything becomes an emergency and your stress level just keeping climbing.

Think about the last time you decided to stick to a small list of things to do and told the rest of them to wait. It may not have been easy to make the decision to say “no” to the items that didn’t make the small list but when you finished the ones you’d said “yes” to it felt damn good didn’t it?! I’m literally staring at two post-its right now that I chose over five other ones to dedicate my time to finishing today. And I’ve spent the better part of today avoiding them! Geez.

There’s another saying we have in the Agile Community “Stop Starting and Start Finishing.” I remember the first time I heard it, it sounded so profound but, sometimes it just irritates me because I know it works and I still catch myself starting a bunch of things or even adding more things as I’m starting a bunch of things and by the end of the day, those damn stickies are still on the DOING column. Damn stickies taunting me from my cabinet door. Yes, that’s where my To Do list sometimes camps out, staring right back at me even when I’m trying to watch another episode of Game of Thrones. Shut up stickies! Lord Tyrion Lannister is so much more entertaining than you right now!

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