Community of Love & Belonging Potluck

We have a desire to connect with others. Some people prefer a small circle of close friends and some prefer a large network. We are all different in HOW we connect but we are all very much the same in wanting to connect.

When I first moved to Denver, I knew no one. I was working from home so I didn’t have an office to go to and after the first year, I changed jobs and began traveling for work to a different location just about every week. It was a tough few years and I knew that having some friends at home would have made it a little easier but I was tired, busy and a bit shy so the couch and my dog were my solice.

I’m back to working from home but over the last few years, I’ve made a deliberate choice to get out of the house, invite people to join me for lunch or dinner and to honor the days when I’d rather stay home with my dog. Understanding that in nature, there is a natural contraction and expansion of energy, I’ve tried to apply that to my own days of expansion (making an effort to connect with others) and contraction (settling in with Ripley on the couch for another Netflix show) without guilt or remorse.

There are people in our circle of friends, our co-workers, our family and our neighborhood, that may be struggling to connect and to feel like they belong. So, I started a monthly potluck to get US together!

If you want to join our potluck in the Greater Denver Area or start one in your city, I’d love to help you!

Let’s get connected!

This LinkedIN group is to promote and inspire connections through social gatherings over FOOD! Our intention is to host potluck dinners to connect people through personal invitations. There is no specific industry or job required to be part of the group; only that you want to feel like you belong and to invite others to belong to this community. We host all over the Great Denver Area to that no matter where you live or work, you’ll have a chance to join us for a potluck!

Share your ideas, comments and links!

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