I’ll also work on answering the phone before it rings…

If I worked for someone like this , I would either quit or start a blog. Guess the choice was obvious for you.

Post it Notes from my Idiot Boss

It’s a shame. My psychic abilities are what got me the job in the first place…

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Where am I? What time is it?

Ever wonder what time it is in Hawaii or Bali?  You can search online or do the math in your head but a friend referred me to a Firefox add-in that puts it right on your browser so you always have them right at your finger tips.  Check out FoxClocks and add your favorite vacation... Continue Reading →

Coach in Manager’s clothing…errrr what???

It is not a new question to ask who should be the Scrum Master when you're starting a new team or beginning to use Scrum in your existing team. There are so many different opinions and advice on this that when I reached out to my fellow agilists, I got a lot of different answers.... Continue Reading →

Daily meeting blues? How about shaking it up?

Whether you've just started agile with your teams or you've been doing it for a while, at some point people may question the value of the Daily Stand up, Daily Scrum or Daily meeting.  People start missing the meetings, arriving late, taking calls, the meetings go over the 15 minutes or start sounding more like... Continue Reading →

Changes that stick

Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard by Chip Heath My rating: 5 of 5 stars Great examples of change agents in different fields and how to apply them in your own View all my reviews

Timeboxing the Sprint Review, Retro and Planning in a Single Day

Prep work for the Project Manager, Scrum Master or the like: Break the meeting scheduled in calendarto explicitly time box the Sprint close from the Retro (maybe two separate meetings in calendar) Have a set agenda posted along with detailed descriptions as noted below (Customize as you like as a team) for the Sprint Close... Continue Reading →

Fist of Five Voting for Team Consensus

Fist to Five is quality voting. It has the elements of consensus built in and can prepare groups to transition into consensus if they wish. Most people are accustomed to the simplicity of "yes" and "no" voting rather than the complex and more community-oriented consensus method of decision making.  This moves a group away from... Continue Reading →

If Scrum isn’t working could we try Kanban?

If your team is currently struggling in their Scrum practice, you may be ready to give up or try something else.  Kanban is becoming quite popular and I'm recently a Kanban convert so I can understand the allure especially having seen it work so fantastically for teams.  However, as a coach, it's my responsibility to... Continue Reading →

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