Don’t be a frog! Make a change before you boil!

According to Al Gore, humanity's response to global warming is like the nervous system of the frog.  If the analogy he used was true, and frogs are really that stupid, then I believe it's not just our response to global warming but it's just about everything we know that's bad for us but we continue... Continue Reading →

Real Food. Real Health. Real Life.

Even if you've never wanted to become a hard core vegan or vegetarian, hopefully you want to educate yourself about how the food you do eat ends up on your plate.  I watched Temple Grandin, an HBO special last night and then found Food Inc today on my Netflix ready LG system.  Now I'm wondering... Continue Reading →

Suffer from Migraines, Insomnia, Seasonal disorders or PMS?

During my morning treadmill workout, I watched a TIVO podcast and thought this was a fairly inexpensive solution for migraines or PMS.  Take a look at Rio's Light Therapy Centre.  I've known so many of my friends that suffer from migraines so this may be something to try out.  They offer a drug free pain... Continue Reading →

Health-care reform requires healthy living choices

I've been following Steve Case on twitter for about six months.  Because he tweets so frequently, it's hard to keep track of everything he says and hold a productive full time job so I glance through and see what catches my eye.  Usually I stay away from obvious political topics but he shared a great... Continue Reading →

Help yourself, will you!?

If you need a little more motivation to get healthy, these are a few cool ideas and apps to give you a boost: -Follow @SqueezeItIn on Twitter -Nike training app online or iPhone app -Spark people online or SparkRecipes on our iPhone

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