Don’t be a frog! Make a change before you boil!

According to Al Gore, humanity’s response to global warming is like the nervous system of the frog.  If the analogy he used was true, and frogs are really that stupid, then I believe it’s not just our response to global warming but it’s just about everything we know that’s bad for us but we continue to do it anyway.  
Smoking is bad for your health; it causes cancer.  But people keep smoking and new smokers are starting in high school or even earlier.  People are still going to the beach to sun bathe and some are still going to tanning beds even though the warnings and proof of skin cancer risks are everywhere.  Diabetes is the number one killer in America but the majority of families are actually saving money by picking up fast food for dinner or buying lower cost grocery items with refined white flour and high sugar content and very little nutritional value.  So what is the incentive to live healthy and head the warnings before you start to feel or see symptoms?
It seems very black and white to me.  We should be making the right choices by changing our bad habits and starting to make more healthy changes in our lives now.  But we simply do not make changes because the water still feels fine right now!  Isn’t that sad?  Some of you are motivated by mandatory change such as a cancer diagnosis, a biopsy scare or a scary new mole.  But there are far more people so caught up in their life of habits and comfort, they deny the need for change to the very end; the final end; their death.
So don’t wait for a New Year’s Resolution to start making healthy changes in your life.  Make the change now!  Decide to stop tanning.  Decide to stop eating fast food.  Decide to get up an hour earlier to exercise at least 30 minutes each day.  Decide to volunteer.  Decide to LIVE!

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