Charging on the Go!

For anyone in need of extra power, the switchBACK surge provides an innovative solution to the dreaded ‘low battery’ warning. Keep your iPhone 4 charged and protected with this combination backup battery and kickstand case. The integrated micro USB port even allows you to charge and sync your iPhone 4 while in use. The internal lithium-ion... Continue Reading →

Atomic Tom – iphone band!

This New York band made some kick ass lemonade on the Subway after having their equipment stolen! On the road, they stopped to remember one made that helped them with the recipe...

Look at me I’m listening!

New gadgets always catch my attention but you won't find me camped outside a store to be one of the first people to buy them.  I closely watch the forums, talk to my friends about what they hear and check out reviews online to determine when it's worth the purchase. My radar is currently tracking the... Continue Reading →

No need to pay for iPhone Apps!

FREE apps worth more than their cost TED by - This little app simply helps you search for TED TALKS on the  website.  If you haven't heard of TED; you should check it out.  There are some really fascinating people sharing their life's work, intriguing topics and moving entertainment.  I recommend Sir Ken... Continue Reading →

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