No need to pay for iPhone Apps!

FREE apps worth more than their cost
  1. TED by – This little app simply helps you search for TED TALKS on the  website.  If you haven’t heard of TED; you should check it out.  There are some really fascinating people sharing their life’s work, intriguing topics and moving entertainment.  I recommend Sir Ken Robinson’s talk about creativity, Elizabeth Gilbert (author Eat Pray Love) talk about Genius and Pattie Maes with cool gadget ideas from MIT students.
  2. Pandora – create your own radio stations based on songs, artist or genre.  It’s easy to use and it runs on your iPhone, Blackberry or computer.  I even have an LG Blu-Ray stereo system that runs it based on my user account so I only have to set up my stations once and I can use them on all my devices.  It’s FREE and it works ‘nuf said.
  3. YouMail – Custom voicemail messages. Set up your contacts to receive a unique answering message from Family Guy, Monty Python or Seinfeld.  Each message is saved online or locally on your phone as an MP3 file. Save the message, delete it or file it online – better than most phone company voicemail since they usually only save your messages for about 2 weeks.  Have Stewie tell your parents to send money or get rid of that stalker with “This number has been disconnected” message.  For a small upgrade you can even have each voicemail message converted to text but for those road warriors, you’ll be better off with the free audio messages.
  4. Dictation by Dragon – Simple voice recording to text that can be copied to SMS, email, MMS or where ever you can “paste” text.  Great for anyone who can’t type that well, needs to keep their eyes on the road hint hint, or just wants to have a little fun.  Amazing accuracy with converting your voice to text too.
  5. GasBag – Find the best price closest to you right now! Love this tool that thrives on users updating prices from their local stations.  You can even track your vehicle’s gas mileage by logging your fill ups and sending the results over time to your email.  Just remember that as a user, you keep the info current by adding the prices when you can.
  6. Voice4Mail – Sometimes it’s easier to say what you want to say instead of typing it so this is it.  Record your message and send the recording as a message or email.You can set up a standard recording that you use a lot to send to multiple people too.
  7. Howcast – Based on the online version this app helps you find videos to answer just about all your questions.  How to wash your hair, how to change a starter, how to remember people’s names – yeah it’s in there.  Kills the time while you wait for the Doctor or during your commute.
  8. Eye-Fi – I started using this when I bought my first 2GB WiFi enable SD card for my digital camera and loved it so when they provided an app for the iPhone it was even easier to upload my photos to my computer no matter where I was.
  9. SleepMachine LITE – need help falling asleep or just relaxing to nature sounds? This app not only has the crickets, waves and rain but you can “mix” it to combine 3 at a time.  I’d recommend having your iPhone charging while you run this app since it can be set up to run up to 24 hours long and I’m sure your phone would die before then.
  10. 24/7 Tutor – French, Spanish, Italian, German – pick your poison this app is a simple lite version to learn some important phrases and words by utilizing games, flashcards, puzzles and audio recordings to help you learn to read and write in your language of choice.  I’m trying French now and it’s fun to do a little bit every day with the games.

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