Saffron Rice

1 tbsp yogurt
1 tbsp milk
3 pinches of saffron (put this in the milk)
1 bay leaf
2 seeds of cardamom

Add tbsp olive oil to pan
Add bay leaf and cardamom (the heat should not be too high)
Add 2 cups of washed long grain basmati rice
Add 2 tsp sugar and wait 1 min
Add milk then rice
Add a pinch of Shahi Jeera (in the cumin family)
Add 1 tsp of salt (must be added before the water!)

Now turn the heat on high and heat uncovered
Should boil until almost all of the water is gone. Once the water has evaporated cover and simmer. When almost all of the water is gone add a pinch of saffron,
Fluff the rice and add deep fried onion chips, cilantro and a tomato flower

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